Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Miles of Smiles


7 strong showed up for a healthy beat down. joggers jogged and bootcampers booted.

warmarama: SSH, DQ, Imperial Walkers, Deadman hang, merkins, flutter kicks and Freddy Mercury.

Thang1: in bus parking lot 2 rounds of lunge to midline, 20 merkins, lunge remainder, 20 WWII. Another 2 rounds of broad jump to midline, 15 Carolina DD, broad jump to end 15 American hammers. mosey to track.

Thang2: the equalizer mile16x100m for a total of a mile of sprinting. equalization was accomplished by slower runners starting while faster runners did 1-3 burpies and tried to catch the others. First across the line started a 20 count. adjustments were made so that we all finished around the same time.

Thang3: four corners up the bleacher stairs, across the parking lot, down the other staircase and down the back straight away. round 1 hindu push ups, plank jacks, crunchy frogs, copper head squats. round 2 some other stuff….

mosey up to the wall for 30sec of balls to the wall followed by wall sits while the pax did 10 bobby hurleys. back to the flag for some mary and done.

prayers up for Boberry’s wife’s procedure today, for all the kids going back to campus, and school. Also took a minute to reflect on how fortunate we all are to have what we have in life, health, family, job, food, etc.

Thanks for letting me lead you guys today. an honor as always.


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