Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chum Knot


7 men showed up for an evening workout at punisher and here is what went down:


YHC was excited to get this workout going as the National Championship Football game is tonight. When expressing the enthusiasm to the Pax they laughed that they forgot it was tonight…as true sign of the times during this pandemic. We mosey to the front of the school and circle up for 20 SSH, 9 DQ’s, 10 Imperial walkers, 10 American hammers and 10 scorpions.


The TABATA was in order this evening and with 7 men we created 7 work out stations. For this Tabata it was 8 reps of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes at each station.

Stations were the following: Station 1 (S1) – the merkin so 10 merkins followed by plank for the 20 seconds, then rest for 10, Station 2 – Shoulder workout with Exercise bands, Station 3 – Arm curls with Exercise bands, Station 4 – WW2 sit ups, Station 5 – lunges (alternating each leg), Station 6 Flutter kicks and Station 7 squats.

We then prepare for Mary


We stretch for 5 minutes.


and YHC wraps up with Namerama and numberama. YHC took us out.

YHC discussed the 6th Man* in the Numberama to be the person to step in the middle of the COT and tell the Pax about himself, what brought him to F3 and how he got his name. So Sonny was the man today and he got his name as a Washington (Redskins) lifelong fan and Sonny Jurgensen was the QB for the Washington Redskins from 1964-1974. He has been away from Punisher for awhile but has come back to the F3 fold and we welcome him back.

As always when YHC is the Q it is an Honor to lead and a pleasure to see the PAX! Cheers….CB!


*So the 6th man was introduced to YHC from a guest F3 brother from Atlanta (Farm Country) as a way to get to know each other. Great way to also teach a FNG on what to do when their first workout is over.

The title was from Chum Bucket ‘tying a knot’ in his gut to keep from throwing up after the WW2 station and then feeling the urge again with the flutter kicks. Way to keep it down and work out in the Tabata!


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