Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Becoming your Parents


A lucky eleven experienced a new route today. Directions were as follows:

All: Up Richmond way past stadium to entrance, head down campus and up Boatright. Take access-road toward Bandy Field, cross over to Hanover then quickly turn left on Ripley. Ripley to Patterson, to Maple. Take Maple to Ferguson, to Henri. Cross Three Chopt to Iris on down to golf course.

4 Milers: Hug golf course down to entrance of Bat Cave and back to commons

5 & 6 Milers: Up and down Tapoan, then take right on Ridgeway and Left on Roselawn. Head back to Commons

6 Milers: Once on Ripley take first right on Stuart/Kensington (long loop)

NMS: Folks appeared to enjoy the new territory. Lots of talk about the habits one develops as we age.

Best wishes to TYA as he begins his treatment today. He will conquer this just as he has done with every other challenge he has faced.

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    • Missed seeing you Singer. Love the new route but want another shot at it; that last hill was tough. The Yankee Candle is poetic. Prayers are with you my man!

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