Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How much oil do you need to get the job done?


5 men came to work out and have a good time on a frosty Friday morning. COP: SSH, cherry pickers, Russian soldiers, LBC’s, merkins, DQ, helicopters, Imperial walkers. Mosey to center of parking lot for proper Dora.

Partner bear crawls to corner of lot, new corner each time, other partner does: 100 lunges, 200 LBC’s, 300 SSH.

Mosey to courtyard for escalating 4 corners, running in between: 10 merkins, run, add 20 single count mountain climbers, run, add 30 jump squats, run to start, add 40 Freddie Mercurys.

Mosey to parking area by buses for suicides: running to first island, then Opus’s car, then last island, on returning do 10 dips, 20 2-count American Hammers, and 30 single-count shoulder taps.

Mosey to flag for 5 minutes of stretching, numberama, namerama, 6th man, YHC took us out.


It seems resting YHC’s sore knee hasn’t made a difference, so have been trying to get back to F3 again, and given YHC’s pattern of not showing up on Friday’s, decided signing up for the Q would at least ensure an appearence. YHC is SO glad he made it, because from the COP on, mumblechatter was at a different level, in both a great and disturbing way. Much of it should not be put into print, suffice to say it started with the YMCA, a basement room with a single lightbulb, and being given a rigorous proctology exam….YHC was laughing so hard at times he was unable to exercise for lack of breath. Thanks for a great time this morning, gents, it was such great fun I didn’t notice my knee as much!

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing…


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