Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Holes, Poles, and Ditches


An extremely lucky 7 showed up to this year’s first First Watch, where our backblast is published before you finish your workout.

Long mosey to the UR campus to South Court for COP:

  • Russian Soldiers (for Handshake)
  • Don Q
  • SSH
  • Scorpion Kicks

Partner up for triple check

  • Partner 1 – Karaoke to the trees in the middle of the field and back
  • Partner 2 – BTTW
  • Partner 3 – Elbow Plank

Mosey over to the lake and partner up for DORA.

  • Partner 1 – Ron Swanson, I mean Ron Paul, I mean Bernie Sanders up the hill to the second light post and jog down
  • Partner 2 – 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 American Hammers, 300 Flutter Kicks

Mosey along the lake and up the trail to the Amphitheater. At the bottom work your way up with descending box cutters starting at 18. Q called it a little early to begin making our way back.

Quick stopover in Saab’s drive way for APDs.

Bacon Bits took us out.

Moleskin – Oversharing was at a minimum this morning. Perhaps it was the new year upon us or the perpetual motion of today’s workout. Next week may yield more dialogue.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


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  1. Well done, Lockjaw! I thought Splinter overshared plenty this morning.

    Anyone want to be Saab’s next-door neighbor? There are two opportunities available!

  2. Good road trip today Lockjaw. I’m sure we made it on plenty of UR security cameras this morning. I was looking forward to the description of a Ron Paul.

    Saab appears to be scaring off the neighbors. Either that or it’s the perpetual 5am Wednesday workout crew that keeps showing up in the neighbor’s driveway doing APDs.

  3. I was bummed by the lack of NE license plates around campus. Our challenge now is to find an appropriate exercise to assign the name the Ron Paul.

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