Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Three Titans gathered on a crisp clear morning to see what would be in store prior to the holidays.


Run to Einstein’s parking lot. Triple check: WWIIs and squats.

Run to Short pump Park. Triple check LBC’s and swing crunches.

Run to West broad village East parking deck. Triple check Freddie Mercury’s and decline merkins or shoulder taps.

3.25 miles. 1.25 pre run.

BTTF. Probation took us out.


After a quick warm up and gear check we got on the way. Quiet clear morning with frost on the ground. Not too many people around until we got over to WBV. Lighthouse remarked at how much traffic there was – it’s no wonder, we were on the ACAC gym backyard. Several comments from the passers buy about working out outside in the cold including one kind lady who said “yall are hardcore”. Yes ma’am, we are.

Get some!


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