Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Perfect 10s


A wet evening turned to a gloriously gloomy December morning.  Six noble warriors agreed to tackle the morning with an enthusiasm unbeknownst to the common man.  Here is how it went down:

  • Parking lot tracers followed by a mosey to the turf field
  • COP
    • SSH
    • IW
    • Dead man hang
    • Arm circles – big and small
    • Helicopters
    • Suzanne Somers
    • Merkins
    • LBC
  • 10 minutes of burpees at midfield
  • 40 APD
  • Captain Thor
  • Mosey to the pull-up bars for an 11 with pull-ups and step-ups in the Pavilion
  • Mosey back to the turf field for sprints
    • 8 full field sprints
    • 12 ½ field sprints
  • Mosey back to the parking lot for COT with YHC taking us out

Great work by the PAX today as we mixed some cardio with core work.  Great to have Quest back in the fold with the PAX today as he prepares for nuptial bliss.  YHC wanted to make sure he remains solid and sculpted for the big day.  Pinto sported to the Magnum PI look today for charity.  Good work brother!

Solid fellowship followed at Einstein’s.  Prayers continue to the Biggs family as they look to remain healthy following COVID exposure. 

God is good all of the time!



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