Monday, September 20
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three’s company


Well actually 6? YHC hit the snooze and was coming in hot. YHC found 6 warriors ready for the challenge of what the day would bring. 3 in the runners club and 3 in the beat down club. Tobit inquired with YHC if he wanted to run to which response was “ I will catch you all later and turned to leave”. Moments later made the same inquisition of DK to which DK responded with a face that showed years of pain. According to the rucksacker who passed near by with what appeared to be 60 lbs strapped on here is what went down.

Mosey to front bus lot for COP: 20 SSH’s, 10 each: DQ’s, IW’s, Russian soldiers, Cherry pickers, dead man hang, helicopter, Merkins, LBS’s. All counts are estimated as the mumble chatter took over the count.

Thang 1: Parking lot tracers with exercises on bottom and top of the line. 1-10. 1 Burpees, 2 dozen LBC’s, 3 dozen Merkins, 4 dozen monkey humpers, 5 Squat jumps, 6 WWII’s, 7 ??, 8 Box cutters, 9 Deep lunge and 3×10 flutters, dollies, and Rosalita’s.

Thank 2 Mosey to door 1. YHC stays at door 1 and completes 20 merkins and 20 LBC’s, Wilson runs to door 5 and DK door 10 to complete same exercises. When YHC finishes he runs and bumps all forward for repeato of same exercises every 5 doors through 33.

Thang 3: Triple check Runner, dips, seated leg raises. Cut last round out to get back to flag. Runners joined for a close out of Flutters, Dollies, and Rosalita’s.

Prayers to Tobit’s GM and to aisle 5. Prayers to all PAX and families stay safe this holiday. Stay safe for those that attend TYA’s Thanksgiving history lesson! Thanks Rosie for perspective on this.

YHC took us out.


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