Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nancy Lopez’s Cheese Touch Epiphany


No runners showed up at OTB. On a runners note, congrats to the runners of New Market for completing the half & full marathons on Friday 13th.

We covered a bunch of topics on the walk, but the best conversation came after Nancy Lopez spilled his Vente chocolate drink (with a bunch of directions – light foam, non dary almond milk……………..and a bunch of othe Starbucks terms). Nancy was sharing a story about the Cheese Touch tradition his family did when kids were younger (yes – we paused to explain to Aisle 5 what Diary of a Wimpy Kid was) and how a random dude at grocery heard them and apparently started chasing Jake around store. While the story was entertaining, the best part was when Nancy paused and got the epiphany that “In hind sight, that probably wasn’t a good thing.” The pause and reflection in his facial expression was a classic and will live forever. Very funny and we wish more PAX could have experienced.


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  1. Wilson thanks for motivating me to get out of the sack. Always good mumble chatter solving the worlds problems. Side not prayer to aisle 5 who fell off his roof and is ok but banged up.

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