Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Altered Beast


7 friday the 13th warriors posted for what started as Dan’s Dojo and ended with slaying the Beast of New Market at Satan’s Hill. It was 530. Let’s go


The Dojo opened and we honed our front kick, side kick, jab, cross, and upper cut skills. On your 6 for some ab work and Rosco comes in hot and almost takes out the PAX. The PAX welcomes him and YHC decided that since Rosco missed the shadow boxing rounds we should indulge him. Mosey to leave Satan’s hill so that we might find the Beast in New Market division II.


Beast – The Hard Way. Exercises were SSHs, front kicks, copper head squats, mountain climbers, merkins, and LBCs. Start with 6 SSHs at 25/50/75 yards, mosey to 100 then back for 6 SSHs at 75/50/25. Wait for the 6. This was a BUILD A BEAST – every new exercise was compiled on top of the previous. TIme was almost up at 6th exercise so audible was called for only last 3 exercises at each station to make it back to Satan’s Hill on time. Rosco praised and offered a God bless you. With the beast slain mosey back to Satan’s Hill.

YHC was disappointed and thought several of his markers had been taken after their careful placement the evening prior. With no Markers to be found on the 100 yard beast, the PAX continued running well beyond where the markers were after performing the 1st exercise. New markers for stopping points were designated, and what started as a beast s&%$ show turned out just fine. The cones were not taken. Turns out the PAX suffers gloom blindness.

PAX was quiet this morning, with Rosetta leading most of the way. The men pushed hard and stayed ahead of the Q for most of the beast. They themselves are beasts.

Numberama, Namerama, announcements and prayer requests. Rosco lead us out with a good word, prayers for several of the PAX family members, and recommendations to look up Booker T Washington.

It was a pleasure and privilege to lead such a fine group of gentlemen.


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