Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Late nights in Short Pump – or – why I don’t Q as often as I should..


Writing late night backblasts is not fun.. But I’m just not a write-the-backblast-the-same-day kinda guy. So here we go..

the INAUGURATION of WaThoHuk fell the day after the election of 2020. Too many must have stayed up late the night before watching returns and learning who our next president would be absolutely nothing about the outcome.

2 of us arrived for the 15 min. pre-run. Lap around the West Broad Village lake and back to the flag.

picked up 2 more and Gypsy led us off:
Warm up
30 side straddle hops
20 imperial squat walkers

Track work.
400M AYG followed by 200M recovery jog backward. 30 LBCs
400M AYG followed by 200M recovery jog backward. 30 flutters
400M AYG followed by 200M recovery jog backward. 30 reverse LBCs
800M AYG.

Hand off to Greenbow.

run back to parking lot
15 merkins
sprint to end of lot, lap back
10 burpees
sprint to end, lap back
20 WW2s
sprint to end, lap the bus loop, lap back
10 dips
another lap

20 flutter kicks
20 rosalitas
20 Suzanne sommers 10/side
1 squat

great kickoff for a great new AO!
loving the running + PT, is driving me to a new level

Would Q more often, but my contempt for WordPress is strong 😳😁


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