Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Special Ed’s Guest Q


9 noble warriors braved the mean streets of the Far West End for a coupon-aided beatdown. It went like this:

COP: Dead man hangs, cherry pickers, DQs, merkins (20 merkins) and Freddie Mercuries. 5 punitive burpees. Sorry no SSHs.

Exercise 1: Run and do 10 merkins at each stop. One person gets to carry the coupon. Total 50 merkins.

Exercise 2: 4 corners with 10 burpees, 20 WWIIs (feel that cool ground), 30 2 count pickle pounders, 40 jump squats

Exercise 3: Elevens with HRMs and flutter kicks – 55 merkins

Exercise 4: 10 donkey kicks, 30 seconds wall sit and 20 seconds balls to the wall, Followed by 15, 45 and 30 and then followed by 20, 60 and 40. After chum bucket made a special ed comment 5 more punitive burpees.

Exercise 5: Curb bear crawl and crawl bear with 1 merkin up to 8 merkins – 36 merkins

Mosey to chin up bars sans coupon – 9 chinups, 18 dips, 7 chin ups, 14 dips and 5 chin ups with 10 dips. The odd numbers threw the PAX off. Do one minute elbow plank.

Finish with merkin ring of fire – 10 merkins, American Hammers, dead man hang, cherry pickers and DQs and 5 punitive burpees.

Closed in prayer. Good luck to Blue Moon and his pacer Gypsy. Prayers are with a teammate of mine who is COVID positive and for civility in politics post election.

Total merkins (including burpees) – 191, not too shabby for the geriatric ward. The Special Ed comes from a name that the PAX gave me due to someone stating they thought today was going to be a special guest Q and I said yeah I am the special guest Q. And somehow that led to the name Special Ed. Even though the Jets su$k, I am sticking with Fireman Ed and yes my mama does think I am special:). Have a great weekend.


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  1. Happy 40th BD EF Hutton, great workout today and hope you have a great celebration with your family. 40 is special as it’s the new 30! I look forward to seeing you again in the gloom! Cheers…CB