Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

By the Light of the Waning Gibbous


8 studs gathered in the gloom to start the week the right way. With the time change we thought we might have more light, but had to settle for the 97% lunar illumination of the waning gibbous. Still pretty great.

Mosey to the bottom of Lindsay Court.

COP, all IC: SSH // Deadman Hang // helicopters // DQs // Cherry Pickers // Imperial Walkers // Lt Dans (6ct.) // Alabama Prom Dates // LBCs // Merkins

Up the Hill: Parter up. P1 runs up to the top of Lindsay Ct and back. P2 performs lunges. Flipflop when P1 returns. // Round 2: Bear Crawl // Round 3: Broad Jump Burpees.

Mosey to middle lot of Third Church

Flora! (Dora + Coupon). Partner up. 100 Incline Merkins on the Coupon // 200 Reverse Crunches with Coupon on Chest // 300 Squats with Coupon. Plank when done, 25x Pickle Pounders for good measure.

Mosey to back Third Church lot

Run + Burpees + Wall: Partner 1. P1 runs to end of lot, performs 3 burpees, runs back. P2 is on the wall with Balls to the Wall. Flip Flop // Round 2: Wall Sit // Round 3: Donkey Kicks.

Mosey back to the Flag.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

NMS: Really enjoyed the first truly cold morning today. Very impressed by eHarmony who has posted 4 times since Wednesday. We have a committed brother in the making! Prayers for peace this week.


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  1. Solid Q today, Bodo’s. Enjoyable, energetic, and full of solid vocabulary, such as gibbous.

    Also, I learned a new way to tell the Pax to cease doing something:

    1. “Halt” (known)
    2. “Recover” (known)
    3. “Ok, just stop doing that.” (New)