Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Cage Fight at Grid Iron


3rd F: Faith

  • Thank you Chum Bucket for taking us out.
  • Pray request for YHC’s Uncle Greg. He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer yesterday and they are still determining what stage and type.
  • Virtual 3rd F Q openings are available.
    Come talk with your brothers across the region every other Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm as we explore thought and ideas from a faith perspective for today’s challenges of life.

2nd F: Fellowship

  • Shout out to UpChuck with lining up and supporting the Breaking bread. read more here:
  • Grid Iron will be on the road next week as we go support BlueMoon at this Richmond Marathon that he will start at 6:30 am. More details to come out this week so please stay posted to the Slack 1st F channel.
  • The RVA shoe drive has been more successful than we 1st anticipated. We are over 100 pairs of shoes and YHC will be getting a final count tomorrow morning as I understand more came in today around the region.


Merkin challenge is starting tomorrow 11/1. Keep yourself accelerating and burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories ahead of time.
SIGN UP TODAY so you are not starting up behind. See more details here:
Virtual Happy Hour and Kettle bells has moved from Mondays at 530PM to Thursdays at 530PM. The Zoom link will be posted in the 1st F Slack channel Thursday morning.

1st F (Fitness)
The Thang: Cage Fight

6:50AM. finished the pre-run and found a few pax already standing outside on this cool fall morning. As the PAX continued to roll in, YHC knew that the we had a lot of work to get in this morning so I gave the disclaimer right at 7am and we took off immediately for a mosey to get the blood flowing.
Circle up at the Tennis Courts on the back side of the school.

COP: (Circle of Pain) warm-up

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 30 Squats

4 Corners
Starting in the center of the 4 tennis courts you run to one of the 4 corners and perform 10 of a set exercise then run back to center for 2 Burpees.
Go to the next corner and so on and so forth until all 4 corners and 4 sets of burpees are completed. We did 4 rounds of this with the following exercise in the corners. (32 burpees in the middle as well)

Round 1MerkinsWide arm MerkinsNarrow MerkinsCarolina Dry-dock
Round 2WW2Reverse LBCFluttersHells to heaven
Round 3SquatsLungesReverse LungesJump Squats
Round 4MerkinsWW2SquatsBurpees
10 or each exercise

Great Work guys!!!

Why are we standing around talking about F3 Disaster Ops and F3 Mission trips, WE have more work to do.
(but seriously if you want to know more about the Nations 2nd F events, DM me and I can get you connected with the events NANTAN or Q lead)

The PAX looked like they were getting chilly as YHC talked their ears off so figured we needed to warm up with 1 round of BLIMPS:

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 30 Squats

Modified CAGE FIGHT WAR!!!
YHC has a pack of F3 Workout cards. (See MudGear site to order a set)
The game is simple: PAX lines up against the cage fence. One by one you draw a card, announce the exercise on it and keep it. (yes Chum.. you keep just your card)
(Number cards you add 10 to it, face cards are 20, aces are 100)
The entire pax does the exercise at the far end fence (4 tennis court lengths away) and return to start. This is done until each pax member has pulled a card.
To finish this off; after each pax has their card, in pairs, they pick another pax member to “Play war” with. The higher card is the winner and the reward is we all get to do the exercise before collecting those 2 cards.
Exercises pulled today: Heels to heaven, 100 M lunge walk, Ranger Merkins, Calf raises, Low Slow Squats, Flutters, Freddy Mercury, Explosive Merkins, and ??. (I forgot the last one).
Mosey back to the AO launch.

DONE!!. Lets go get coffee and Bagels

NMS (Naked Mole Skin)
Great work by all today!
It was a bit chilly so YHC wanted to keep us moving and NOT roll in the wet fields. YHC DOES NOT LIKE rolling around in the cold wet fields. So a good ol’ Fashion cage fight was perfect for today:
3 miles of intervals almost all within he confines of the cage
200 calf raises
100 Merkins
52 burpees
Countless Squats, Lunges, and Core.

Key notes taken from today.
Johnsonville can whistle REALLLLLY loud..
Chum Bucket cant hear Johnsonville whistle
Fireman ed is never allowed to play F3 War again. (My Calves are still burning from 200 Calf Raises)
BlueMoon ditched us to go run in traffic.
Deuce is a runner in disguise. (and fast on a sprint)
Attila loves bootcamps with lots of squats, lunges, jump squats, calf raises.. more squats and a few more lunges.
LightHouse doesn’t tie his shoes??? No idea how he does that for a workout and not trip??
Tater has more energy than a 10 yr old on 3 Monster energy drinks and a red bull.
Pinto is secretly in the Secret Service but wont tell any one so keep that just between you and me. SHHHHHHHHHHH!.
This ENTIRE PAX crushed it today. I look forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon. (like at WTH on Wednesdays. #ShamelessPlug ? )

AS always: If you have read this far. Take the next 30 seconds to text a person in your life that you have not heard from in a while. It may be what helps them through the day.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.
John (Gypsy) Boles


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