Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

6, 17 and a VQ Redo


14 pillars of manliness showed up expecting a Swirly-Q and were instead treated to an old-fashioned BT experience. As the remnants of Zeta approached, we got down to business. Here’s how it went:


Mosey around the tennis courts to grass. Merkins x 10, Copperhead Squats x 10, Imperial Walkers x 11, LBC x 20, SSH x 25, maybe something else


Mosey onto tennis courts for Tracers: backpedal sideline, slide step baseline, sprint up far sideline. Down and back.

Stay on courts: traverse the 4 tennis courts and alternate exercises: lunge/bear crawl down, crabwalk/crawl bear back.

Split into 2 groups on the track to tackle a 4-exercise circuit. Exercises were Flutter Kicks x 17, Pull-ups x 6, LBCs x 17, Dips x 6. 3 rounds.

Mosey to soccer fields for Super 6’s. Exercises were Merkins x 6, Carolina Dry Docks x6 and Squats x 6. Sprint across field to other side and the exercises. Sprint back and do them again. Repeato x 6.

On way back to the flag, stop on courts to do 6 Burpees in cadence and 6 OYO.

COT: Saab took us out the way only Saab can.


It’s been a minute since ol’ BT Q’d, but with a little nudge, and offer from Swirly and some gear-grinding that box is now checked. Just like riding a bike and looking forward to more.

While getting in a decent amount of runs, YHC has been largely absent from bootcamps in the past year due to a variety of issues/injuries. But, a 6-yr anniversary with this incredible bunch of dudes needed to be honored, hence the incessant number of 6-counts. 17 was thrown in there as an homage to the passing of my 17 year old dog which caused YHC to miss the actual anniversary in the first place. She was a special pup for sure.

While there was rust for the Q, it was knocked off quickly. Leave it to the PAX to provide a “gentle” and guiding hand when forgetting certain protocols and trying to turn a burpee into a 4-count. Thankfully, mumble-chatter was minimal during the Super 6’s else it could have been a long morning.

Grateful for the opportunity to lead and especially appreciative of the bonds YHC has formed with this group. Here’s to another 6. SYITG!


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  1. BT!!! Welcome back to a bootcamp. You too, Marv! Way to come back out after your first post yesterday, eHarmony.

    Congrats on 6 years, BT and sorry about your dog.

    Have a great day, all!