Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Found My True Love On-line


Nine men shook off the lure of the Fartsack and one FNG just never went to bed at all (heck yeah!) in order to celebrate one-year anniversary of F3RVA’s earliest sharefest, First Watch. To the surprise of no one, temps were sunny and 70. With a Hot Potato Q on order, the PAX launched for:

Kubota-Q: Mosey to the front of the Church for the COP:

Don Quixote’s
Side-Straddle Hops
Helicopters (??)
Little Baby Crunches
Hand-release Mercans
Scorpion Kicks
Reverse Scorpion Kicks

Mosey to the Triangle for a Triple-Check:

First Man: Run the triangle
Second Man: World War II sit-ups
Third Man: Lt. Dan’s

Toss to HoneyDo and Mosey to the Parking Lot:

Partner up and grab a block (to share).
Timer: run to end of parking lot
Second Man: Perform an exercise until the runner returns.
Round 1: Swings
Round 2: Overhead press
Round 3: Squats
Round 4: World War II + Press

Toss to Splinter and Mosey to the Other Side of the Parking Lot for:


AKA, Elevens.
Bear Crawl across parking lot.
10 Burpees.
Crawl Bear back.
1 Jump-Squat (which should really be called a Squat-Jump, but no matter.)
Repeato 9-2, 8-3, 7-4, 6-5, 5-6, 4-7, etc.

Toss to UpChuck for 5 Minutes of Mary.

Flutter kicks (x20 4-count), hold 6 inches (normal and spread eagle), Hello Dolly (x10), hold 6 inches, reverse crunches (4 count x47), hold 6 inches.

Number-a-ma, Name-a-ram-a, EF Hutton took us out.


Let’s keep Offshore’s family in mind. MIL passed away.

Big day at the HoneyDo house. The PAX is behind you all – good luck, Erin!


YHC arrived at 4:50 a.m. Already present were Hutton, Kubota, and a man who introduced himself as “Josh.” YHC has decided Josh is a Stud. Josh is 32, has 2 kids (including a 2 month old), and is friends with MARV and POG. YHC calls him a stud because Josh didn’t sleep last night – was up with his 2 month old daughter. Still posted to his first workout – alone. That sounds like our kind of guy. Josh found F3RVA through Google – we think he found his true love online. Welcome, eHarmony.

He also won the Oversharer of the Week Award.


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead for 5 minutes today, fellas.

    Hump Day Happy Hour today at 5 p.m. at Answer. Free Taco at Taco Bell, then cross over to have a beverage with your pals.

  2. Great morning! Thanks for coming out for the one year anniversary of FW. Thanks for writing the backblast, UPC. You may give up the Q now.

    Welcome to eHarmony! We hope to see you out again. You know, you can just walk out you front door and you are at Hoedown. Handshake really wanted to name you Handful, but we can only have one PAX member with “Hand” in his name.

    Splinter finally got a potato tossed to him and tried to kill us for some reason.

  3. Great to hit the record on the 1 year and a FNG. Nice way to start a morning, besides Splinter’s awful 11s. Let the record show that there were no Reverse/Inverted Scorpion Kicks, just the real kind since Kubota knows how to run a COP.
    Welcome eHarmony.

  4. Fantastic. Great to be with you guys. So glad Handshake did not win out on the name, though we love you brother. Welcome eHarmony.

  5. If Honeydo had followed the protocol I guarantee I would not have called for that awful 11s.

    I question any COP without jazzercise or suzanne somers now.

    Welcome eHarmony, I still kinda like TBD though.

  6. Great to be with all of you this morning. The 11s were the best part of the workout. Glad everyone enjoyed them.

    Welcome eHarmony. Just put your contact info at the following link and I’ll get you setup to respond about how much you love eHarmony.