Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sports Frenzy Reigns Over Heartbreak


Twelve tantalizing tacticians gathered in the thick mist for a rarely seen Splinter Q at Heartbreak. The PAX randomly scattered for pre-launch banter then off we went for a short mosey through the light dew before gathering up between the baseball fields for:

– Helicopters x10
– Arm Circles x15
– Don Qioxotes x10
– Knee (not that knee) Pulls x10
– Merkins x10

Short saunter over to the volleyball? courts for our first set of exercises. Using the space between the volleyball courts as our demarcation line, we performed an exercise to get to the line, did another exercise, then completed another exercise to get to the next line. Continue across all 4 courts. Exercises were Polar Bears, Merkins x10, Lunges, Merkins x10, Polar Bears, Merkins x10, Lunges, Merkins x10. Al Gore for the six.

Work back across the volleyball courts with different exercises. Bear-pees, WWII x10, Broad Jumps, WWII x10, Bear-pees, WWII x10, Broad Jumps, WWII x10. Plank rotation for the six.

Bee-line through the basketball courts towards the far tennis court for 3 sets of, well, tennis. Line up on the side line for a line drill to start. Then three sets of three different exercises with a variation of a line drill in between each set. Rep numbers were clearly arbitrary.

15 merkins / 30 jump squats / 40 2x flutter kicks / line drill
15 hand release merkins / 30 ball dippers / 40 2x hammers / line drill
15 shoulder tap merkins / 30 leg somethings / 40 LBCs / line drill

Aimlessly follow the Q back to the middle of the basketball courts for traveling triple check. Exercises were flutter kicks and jump squats with the traveler running the width of 4 courts to tag the partner.

Slide on over to the baseball/softball field for some light baseball fun.

Single – run to 1st, 10x WWIIs, run to 2nd, 10xWWIIs, etc.
Double – run to 2nd (via 1st), 20 merkins, run home (via 3rd), 20 merkins
Triple – run to 3rd, 30 jump squats, run home
Home Run – inside the parker followed by a Honeydo requested 40x pickle pounders

Meander back to the flag for 10x dealer’s choice ring of fire where we counted digits and disclaimed our twice given names before YHC took us out.

– Still collecting shoes through the end of the month. Need at least 10 more pairs
– F3RVA has doubled our commitment to Breaking Bread. Sign up on the Q sheet and talk to Upchuck for details
– Ronnie is missing his miata and is looking for a replacement man card

Thanks for the great turnout and mumblechatter this morning. For future reference, left field of the big field needs a California sized drought to dry out the outfield. At least Handshake’s shoes didn’t have a chance to dry out from yesterday.

For those that care to know, YHC likes running. YHC hasn’t had a chance to run much recently and today was a test to see how my body will respond. Thanks for sticking with it! Not a lot of breaks out there.




  1. Surprising amount of Merkins baked into this one Splinter. Maybe when you are back to 100% you’ll stay at HBR regular and not slide back to Spider Run.
    It was nice to see Upchuck finally get the 15/30/40 scoring figured out on the final round on the tennis courts. Guess tennis was undergrad level at Harvard while MBA level classes covered pudding spoon placement…

  2. Q today was worth the hype. Makes me want to re-do it all tomorrow.

    Let’s not be hasty with our pudding spoon jokes. Tennis scoring makes YHC’s Touch-a-Tree directions look easy. Such complexity is what happens when the French gentry makes the rules.

    For the record, the MBA program involved hockey, a simple sport in which stick-wielding ruffians attempt to put a frozen biscuit past their toothless brethren. 1 point for success. No points for failure. My team even had a professional workplace safety management expert.

  3. Great Q. Lots of condensation out there, at least according to Upchuck.

    And yes, I am man enough to admit how much I miss my Miata.