Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Orange Crush IPA


17 men made of iron, steel and other carbon based metals made their way to No Toll for YHC’s first Q at No Toll. These men were met with a little surprise…it’s a birthday Q!!! Here’s what went down –

Mosey to the parking lot for the disclaimer + warmup which included – SSH, Helicopters, Arm Circles (GO!) forward and back, merkins and LBC’s. Once completed mosey to one side of the parking lot for BlackJack.

BlackJack – 20 merkins + 1 WWII, 19 merkins + 2 WWII’s, 18 merkins + 3 WWII’s, 17 merkins + 4 WWII’s, etc. YHC’s had the great idea to do this all in one location, but after a couple rounds this turned into an idea that was good on paper. A quick audible was called with a jog to the other side of the parking lot in between sets. Still tough, but a bit more manageable. Al Gore for this six and then on to the next exercise.

Starting at the corner of the parking lot, complete 15 burpees, run around the parking lot, 25 carolina dry docks, run, 35 double count lunge, run, 50 air squats, run, 35 lunges, run, 25 CDD’s, run 15 burpees. Fresh Prince and Spit led the way as usual. I’m not sure Fresh Prince even broke a sweat. Doozey and Flange were not far behind. Others did as much as time permitted.

Final mozey back to the flag for a ring of fire merkins. Numberrama, Namearama with YHC taking the group out in prayer. After prayer YHC dished out a birthday present to the PAX, Orange Crush IPA from Back Bay Brewing company (or a slight variation)! Enjoy a drink tonight brothers since we can’t celebrate together.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead! Off on my next journey around the sun.

P.S. See Tobit. I can lead a workout at some where other than SOT.


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  1. Brutal Bday Q brother, way to bring it! And you’ll be proud to know that with the help of your IC IPA, I slayed a Bon Air buck this evening. Bday Venison coming your way homie. ?

  2. Great Q Orange Crush and Happy Birthday! Good to finally make my trip to No Toll.

    SYITG All this week SOJ!!

  3. Great Bday Q, OC! The 21s really sucked…the audible to add running was much appreciated!

    Knew you had non-SOT Qs in ya.