Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kill the Lights


A lucky 7 emerged from the gloom for WDog on a beautiful fall morning. With no-one on the Q sheet, Swirly took the proverbial bull and kicked off our hot potato.

Swirly COP: A bunch of stretching stuff, then a bunch of ab exercises and some merkins.

Oyster on the Field: Oyster kicked us off with a Washington Football Team Run around the perimeter of the field. Next, four corners: Merkins x20, Jump Squats x20, Burpees x10, WW2s x20.

Shiplap with the Coupons: At the stage, Shiplap led us in a series of exercises with coupons, including bench press, overhead press, curls, merkins, and some other stuff YHC can’t remember. But it was difficult.

Bodos at the Cage: Triple Check. P1: Burp-ups, P2: Body Pulls, P3: Run to hydrant and back. Mosey back to the flag, end with LBCsx25 and American Hammers x25.

Numberama, Namerama, Corned Beef took us out.

NMS: Hot potatoes are always fun to see what everyone comes up with. Nice balance of exercises this morning. The flood lights were so bright on the back of the Amphitheater that none of us could see as we ran from the cage to the fire hydrant. We were all so blinded that Shakedown hit a boulder and Swirly ran so tentatively it almost looked like he had just drunk a 6-pack of Whiteclaw. We thought about shooting the lights out but no one had any ammunition.


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