Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s Dan Snyder?


5 gloom warriors defeated the fartsack and came to Timberwolf. They may have been in search of the answers to life’s greatest questions. Unfortunately all they found was a beatdown. According to the confused school employees, it went something like this:

Mosey around the front of the school for welcome to F3, disclaimer and:


SSH, Jazzercise, Hillbillies, Don Quixote, Pretzel Twists, Freddie Mercurys, HRMs, mosey to the basketball courts for:


7 of Diamonds called, PAX choose their poison with # of reps done at each of the four corners of the diamond. Exercises included 7 WW2s, 14 Jump Squats, 21 Monkey Humpers, 28 Plank Jacks, 21 Apollo Onos, 14 Merkins, 7 Hand Release Merkins.

Mosey all the way around the school with an Indigenous People run wherein PAX at the end does 1 burpee before catching up. At the end stop and circle up for:


Set of Captain Thors: start with 1 WW2 and 4 American Hammers, made it all the way to 10 WW2s and 40 American hammers. Stay in circle for Part Deaux:

Set of Merkin Jacks: Start with 1 Merkins and 4 Plank Jacks, made it up to 7 Merkins and 28 Plank Jacks. Then 1 lap around school and time was called!

Numbers, Names, Announcements (See Below), YHC took us out


  • Some excellent mumble chatter about American Football today. Including COVID, the Washington Professional Football Team, DeAngelo Hall (former Falcon AND Raider), Rosetta’s knowledge of NFL history, and how we all agree that the Jets are terrible.
  • The run around the school was called as an Indigenous People run. Someone talked about a PAX being a “fast injun” (names shall not be named), so the name changed mid-run to Mosey Around The School In A Line Interrupted By Burpees. The naming committee tried to make it as generic and literal as possible.
  • Excellent to have a good showing at Timberwolf. This is the favorite AO of Nancy Lopez and YHC. Numbers have been a little thin since YHC starting coming back out in person. Have a great day gentlemen!

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  1. Announcements:
    -Prayers for Rosetta, who is going through the adoption process
    -Retreat is this weekend, pre-blast is here:
    -F3RVA local version of BRR is October 23-25. YHC, Orange Crush and Rosetta are interested in forming an SOJ team, who else is in? Pre-blast here:
    -Several opportunities to give back in slack, OC has Q for Breaking Bread October 25th, Seymore posted to slack about a charity tha Malpractice is involved with. Also, donate your slightly used shoes to a good cause to DTH (SOJ POC)
    A lot going on in F3 these days! Awesome to see!