Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crabwalking is Child’s Play…


…as in, it was fun as a child when you were playing, but it’s definitely no longer fun. Just like mixing all of the sodas at the self-serve fountain, or asking the same question every 8 seconds. More on that later, but YHC just wanted to get that out there from the start.

Nine of the hottest potatoes this side of the City Limits gathered in the gloom with no idea what was coming. Here’s how it went:

Mr. Holland took the PAX around to the bus loop for a COP that couldn’t be beat: SSH, Don Quixote, Helicopters, Russian Soldiers, LBCs, hand-release merkins, and a pass off to Helix.

Mosey to a basketball court for Doracides: partner 1 runs a suicide, while partner two works on the exercises: 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 invisible jump ropes. Pass to Carpenter.

Mosey to the tennis court for the Four Ab Corners: WWIIs, flutter kicks, LBCs, and American Hammers @ x 20 each. Crab walk the short sides of the rectangle, and bear crawl the long sides. Here YHC must reiterate that crab walking is garbage. After some ceremonial side straddle hops in honor of Carpenter taking the reins, the potato was passed to Bulkhead for “Shoot – it’s a Ladder!”

On the tennis court, next up was a squat ladder. 1 squat, two sumo squats; 2 squats, 2 sumo squats, etc – up to 10 squats/2 sumo. Mosey to the playground for another ladder. 1 pull-up/2 merkins, 2 pull ups/4 merkins, up to 5 pull ups/10 merkins.

Mosey back to the flag, and Spike gets his name on the Q potato, initiating a Ring of Fire before time was called. Numbers, Names, and No ‘Nouncements.

YNWA (unless you are a crab),

-Mr. Holland


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  1. It was great to be back with the PAX this morning! Everything seems better with the world after posting to a F3 workout. The hot potato mix brought all kinds of fun and pain. I know everyone hates crabwalking but it provides a different kind of challenge! SYITG!!