Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You wanna sit on Santa’s lap?


Only 3 months till Christmas! Our own version of Santa showed up today — the Mudface beard is strong.

Father Christmas (best Christmas song ever) — plank for the instrumental parts, verses are mountain climbers, chorus is merkins, bridge is AST’s

COP — a few exercises including Helicopters and other stuff I don’t remember right now

Reindeer Games
Dasher Dancer — Dancer runs sprints, while the Dancer does hillbillies (repeato 3x)

Prancer Vixen – Prancer skips or leaps around the basketball court, Vixen does APD’s — repeato 3x

Comet Cupid — Comet lunges up to the school Cupid does pull ups

Donder Blitzen — Donder means thunder, so he does merkins. Blitzen is bear crawling up to the school

Rudolph run — like a native american run, but with reindeer.

A couple stretches at the end.

Names, Numbers, Announcements

NMS — YHC loves a good themed workout. Watching Yardsale prance around was priceless. Always a good time at the creek with meaningful deep conversations 😉




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