Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You want the Anvil or the Pineapple?


An illustrious 13 came out to take in the night sky in RVA’s darkest AO. With no sign of the possible FNG, the Pax rolled up to the Asphalt Sea for for COP.

SSH, Helicopters, Don Quixote, Russian Soldiers, Scorpion Kicks

Down to the top of Lindsay for Lindsays. The exercises were box cutters and carolina dry-docks, with each set being performed with a run in between.

Alas, we arrive at La Casa de Lockjaw and partner up for triple check. Partner 1 runs down the street, hangs a left, runs around the West Drive Circle, and back. Partner 2 chooses from one of the Monopoly pieces for bench press and Partner 3 performs American Hammers with bricks.

The Monopoly pieces consist of an anvil, a concrete pineapple, a standard cinder block, and an extra large cinder block.

Three time through.

Mosey up to the 3rd Pres back lot for Dora. Partner 1 runs the end of the parking lot and back, while the other partner performs 100 donkey kicks, 200 monkey humpers, 300 flutter kicks. Called a little short due to available time.

Mosey back the the AO where YHC took us out.


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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    I enjoyed the Monopoly Piece Triple Check. It was fun to find such a treasure trove of randomness.

  2. Enjoyed the tour of darkest parts of the area. Good to partner with Doozy & Oopsy on the mega- triple check.

  3. Best part of the morning was Hitchhiker’s question, “Whose house is this??”
    I’ve never benchpressed a pineapple but I hope that will just be the first time of many more to come.