Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Batteau Beatdown


Three gloom warriors posted to Bon Air’s gnarliest AO to get their week started right. Here’s how it went:

Warmarama: Mosey to the other side of the Stone House for SSH x 20, IW x 15, Helicopters x 15, DQs x 10, Freddie Mercuries x 20, APDs x 10, mosey to the tree line for:

COP 1: Bear Hike. See that line of five trees? Bear crawl along them and do ascending sets of merkins at each along the way: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.

COP 2: Batteau Ultra. IP run (6 does a burpee) around the path from the playground down to the lake and the base of the Hill of Ill Repute.

COP 3: Triple Check of Ill Repute. Pax 1 runs up hill to wooden bridge (FH 9 marker) and back; PAX 2 and 3 do partner leg tosses. This just sucked. Big time.

BTTF for some old man stretching.

COT: Numbers, names, and YHC took us out. Prayers for Florence’s M/I/L, and for the nurses, teachers and other front line heroes helping us through this pandemic. Make it a great one!


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  1. Thank you for leading this morning Doublemint. Triple Check was a beast on that hill. Core is still hurting. Nice to get the stretch at the end. Great working with Scrum.