Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cecil King, 104th Timberwolf


Weather was predicted to be cold, dark and wet this morning. Luckily the prediction was wrong, as it was 70 degrees and sunny. 6am hit and we were off!

Mosey to the Corelion cul de sac for welcome to F3 and disclaimer. Side Straddle Hop, Don Quixote, Russian Soldiers, Collard Pickers, LBC, Hello Dolly, Rosalita, and WW2.

Mosey down to the Ha’ Penny Stage, and everyone gets a coupon, then back to long field. My grandfather Cecil King as a member of the 104th Infantry landed in France and remained there for 200 days until VE Day. Partner up. One PAX runs to the end of the field and back with a block (seemed like there and back is at least 200 yards). Count as team like a dora. The other PAX does the exercise. 104 Chest press, 104 Rifle Carry (Cusack) squats, 104 Manmaker merkins, 104 WW2s with coupon.

Take the blocks back. Run to the silver fire hydrant adjacent to the rusty cage. Triple check, run to the cage do 10 jerkins, other partners are doing Lt. Dans and WW2s.

“Nothing in Hell can stop the Timberwolves”. On April 11th 1945, they liberated a large concentration camp at Nordhausen. Back to the large field for a round of 4 corners: 4 burpees, 11 wide grip merkins, 19 two count flutter kicks. 45 american hammers. Swirly liked it so much he started going around again. We leave no man behind, so we joined him and finished as a PAX.

Back to the ghost flag. Circle up. Mankillers (kind of). 10 burpees OYO. Time. Numbers. Names. Announcements (see below). YHC took us out with prayers for MILs of UpChuck and Florence, Tobit’s mother, and for Phonics and his family as they deal with the loss of a parent.


Thank you all for the opportunity to lead! Good to talk to Gomer Pyle about military history and service. Great to partner with Handshake, Seymore, and Snuff.

The story doesn’t end well. YHC never met Cecil. He survived the war but was not the same upon return. He died before YHC’s birth. He was not present in my father’s life. This is a reminder for YHC that there are many things to be thankful for due to the service of others. A reminder to not squander the opportunities we have. Also, that mental health is real. SYITG gentlemen.


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  1. Nice Q today, Boberry. 104 x 4 was no joke. Feeling it already. Thanks to Seymour for partnering and not busting my nuts for calling him Malpractice.

    Deuce and Swirly were beasts on the triple check. Thanks for waving the caution flag, Swirly. Sometimes the body wants to move faster than it is ready to do.

    Nice to see HuggieBear gutting it out. Way to push.

    Good chatter today at ETs, fellas.

  2. Nice Q Boberry. Great partnering with Snuff, Bodos and Doublemint.

    Manmakers are no joke.

    There are a number of units in the Army Reserves that were stood up regionally just for the WWII buildup and then deactivated. Its confusing in casual study because the National Guard units are also regional but dont stand down between large conflicts because they are also state militia. All get the same training and wear US Army on the uniform, but training budgets are generally much smaller than Active Duty – like anything else when you can spend more time on a task, the better you are (including infantry divisions). All units had equally sized missions and action in WWII, but we mostly hear about the big ones because they had a lasting history.
    Here is some more info on the 104th

    Get some!

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