Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Non-runners only, please


3 men showed up to ‘run’ around and workout on a rainy Friday morning.

The Thang

Slowsey to blacktop for COP, SSH, helicopters, DQ, LBC’s, Imperial walkers. Slowsey to parking lot for 4 corners. YHC stole this version from Gypsy. Start in middle of parking lot, 10 SSH, run to first corner of lot, 40 calf raises, return to middle for another 10 SSH, second corner – 40 sumo squats, third corner – 40 toe taps, fourth corner-40 flutter kicks.

Mosey to middle of school, partner up, nobody wanted to be Mudface’s partner so he went solo. Switch off between teams, first team lunges while second team completes exercise then runs to catch first team, switch off until both teams complete all exercises. These were 20 each of American hammers, LBC’s, merkins, boxcutters, and Superman.

Slowsey to flag, do an exercise then run to and from where buses were parked, next exercise. These were 20 each of Alabama prom dates, shoulder taps, split jacks and Bobbie Hurleys.

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


Much of the Daville PAX is competing in the Colonial 70 run tomorrow, so many of The Creeks usual suspects were resting up, and those in attendance enjoyed the slower paced workout. Mudface introduced a different, harder version of flutter kicks and named them, but YHC is hesitant to put that name on a backblast. Just ask Mudface. Was great to catch up with these two, and all stuck around for 20 minutes discussing our wish that people on different sides of the political spectrum would more often engage in civil discussion of issues, instead of insulting each other. That being said, Yardsale’s version of Alabama prom dates is still pretty disturbing, but YHC said this to him in a civil manner! Kidding aside, was great to have exactly that kind of discussion, would be interesting to do at a 2nd F gathering.

Thanks for letting me lead, as usual I have No Idea what I’m doing…


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