Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

So much for the Bloody’s


three musketeers (not to be confused with the ACTUAL Three Musketeers) emerged from The Fartsack for Round 2 of Ironpax round 3 for two of them, and Round 1 for YHC.

The Thang – Ironpax Round 3. A bunch of push ups and Squats while running 3 miles. No records were broken, we aren’t No Toll.

Announcements – None.

NMS – A group text in which YHC mentioned sadness to missing the IPC # 3 and then Gypsy responded something along the ways of “i’d be happy to do it again with you” GAUNTLET THROWN DOWN and here we were. Honeydo said he’d be there to watch and drink Bloody’s, but somehow that turned into Honeydo completing it again. This was a experience for YHC that showed how much a brotherhood F3 is. If there was ever a time that YHC felt like he was “in” to the brotherhood it was today. Re-doing the IPC #3 “just because” someone missed it. Thank you, gentlemen.


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  1. Any morning you can meet up for coffeteria after a beat down and conversation runs from: blue laws by various states, shipped dildos, and biblical innerantcy all before 7:00 am you’ve already had a heck of a good day.

  2. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    No joke. I was all hyped up on iced coffee on an empty stomach. Great way to start the day. I wonder what the other people on the track were thinking…