Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Does anyone have a fear of hearts?


6 of Richmond’s finest emerged the morning after Iron Pax to test their fortitude with another workout and this is what went down:

COP – stretching only, Saab style

Mosey with Coupon down Ridge towards the River, stop at intersection for a Triple Check. Partner 1 runs up the hill about 50/75 yards with their Coupon and back, Partner 2 does WWII’s, Partner 3 does Curls with their Coupon.

Mosey further down the hill and stop for some exercises. 50 2-Count Flutters, 50 Coupon presses, 25 Skull Crushers with Coupon. Repeat 2 Times.

Mosey further down the hill. Partner up for a Coupon Catch me if you Can. Partner 1 does 25 WWII’s, Partner 2 mosey’s up the hill with both Coupons until Partner 1 finishes the WWII’s then catches Partner 2. Repeat until back up at the top of the hill.

Grass patch at Ridge. 10 Merkins with right arm on the Coupon. 10 Merkins with left arm on the Coupon. 20 Merkins with both feet on the Coupon. A set of WWII’s with block, and a last set of Coupon presses and Skull Crushers.

NMS – After week 2 of Iron Pax YHC wasn’t interested in any beat down that he couldn’t control the exercises, so YHC grabbed the Q on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly afterwards Honeydo texted with laundry list of requests, so YHC of course was happy to oblige. YHC rolled in 2/3 minutes earlier than normal driving the M’s Mini Van. Upon parking YHC hit the Tailgate button and what YHC heard next was akin a sound a dying animal when Honeydo let out a shriek knowing that Coupons were going to be exiting the Swagger Wagon. Luckily for the guys, they were lighter landscape stones from YHC’s Retaining Wall.

Announcements: Retreat weekend of October 3rd. Shawn G Hogan Memorial Beer Mile coming up mid October. See Faceplant for date and Beer recommendations.


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  1. Must say I was curious what a fear of hearts meant then even more intrigued when corrected to heights. Alas, all a ploy to confuse. I suspect Bodos was ready for some Parkour. Solid Q nevertheless.

  2. When I saw Bodo’s pull up and then remembered Handshake texting “Fear of Hearts (Heights)” yesterday, I was ready for some Ninja stuff. Nice Q, Handshake. Thanks for letting me borrow gloves, EFH. That would have sucked without.

  3. After the workout I get it- the metaphor of pavers as actual hearts. They are heavy and awkward to carry but can build beautiful things. And the catch me if you can where the partner carries both hearts while you run uphill, out from the dark, fn deep Handshake…

  4. So they were shaped like hearts? I’m confused. I just remember Bodo’s saying they smelled like Indian (India) food.

  5. That was a smoker. Nothing like not being able to move my arms for 2 days now. If only there were some weights that were easy to carry, maybe something with handles.
    Great job this morning Handshake.

  6. Great to be with you guys this morning. Handshake, I must really trust you given that I showed up knowing you would be bringing coupons.
    I still don’t get the hearts thing. Why should I fear hearts? Is this a reference to the card game? Or 7 of diamonds? Or Valentines Day?

  7. The coupons were kinda shaped like hearts. Bodo’s, you could have dropped yours and “broken a heart”. Ha ha

  8. I felt like you did driving home Bodos. But upon further reflection I am glad Handshake didn’t answer his question, instead forcing us to look inside an answer this pressing question ourself.

  9. Wow, that’s deep honeydo. Handshake is a postmodern artist, inviting us to discover our own meaning to his opaque yet profound question. I feel so much better.

  10. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    I’m really glad y’all picked up on my lesson. Brevity is the soul of wit.