Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s about time


After considering holding off even longer YHC decided to break down and post the backblast. I let Wilson know that if I heard from anyone about the delayed BB I would post it and leave their name off the PAX list, Big Data. I did not hear anything, although I’m sure one of the 24 other guys, or at least “Corporate” was itching to say something. Here is some poetry based on what we did.

Warmup then VITA

Captain Thors, we don’t do math

Bear crawls with a run

Partner and a block

Dora with bonus pullups

Block burpees are fun

Touch a tree for all

Special instructions needed

Kept moving all morning

Prayers for Shiplap from Louisville for the loss of his M during childbirth. Gypsy posted some info on slack about how to help the family.

Good luck to RVA Shiplap with his nuptials this coming weekend.

There may be a HH this Friday, Steam Bell? Check with Florence.

Labor Day Convergence – Gridiron 7am – Let Jville know if you’re coming so he can make breakfast for you

As always, it was a pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen for a few minutes of my day.


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