Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Around the Rim of Mary – Part Deux


19 veterans decided to test the waters of Mary as led by a OG-Geriatric on his quasi-post-quarantine VQ. This is what transpired, more or less

Warmup: DQ’s (Saab style), HR Merkins, Flutter kicks (Esther Williams style), Ball-Lickers (ask TYA)

RedBarshetta: Run out and back: 100 m-climbers, 75 LBCs, 50 Flutter kicks, 25 HR Merkins

Curb Crawls: Up to 5 then descend to 1 (Merkins along the way)

Lindsays: Box Cutters and Dollys…run across field along the way

Catch me if you can: (wrong place at the wrong time)

Running: (To and through Windsor Farms, stopping for exercises along the way)


Good to be back in the Q sheet and work my a run in with a little bootcamp along the way. Thanks to Kubota for carrying the flag upon entry and exit…General Patton would have been proud…we know Swirly was.

Announcements: Labor Day convergence at GridIron

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  1. Well done, Saab! You drew a much larger crowd than last week’s Q. I was waiting to hear “HOLD IT” during the ball licker’s exercise. Maybe next time. Good luck, Shiplap. Have a great day, all!

  2. This morning felt like Old school with good numbers. Beware of Faceplant – he’s sturdier than he looks.

  3. Garbage Plate? You mean Fireman Ed!! I have been called worse than Garbage Plate so it is all good. If you are able, let Tater, Johnsonville or me know if you are going to Convergence. Coffee and a little breakfast for those who can make it through the grueling Gridiron workout:)

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    My favorite disclaimer of any at F3 “I know little of what I am doing”…pretty damn clear. Great Q this morning Saabski. Honeydo will be out of concussion protocol in a few weeks. What could possibly go wrong on a catch me if you can run backwards with jump squats going in a circle, with no time left in the workout?