Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Parking lot is full


Pulling up YHC saw a full lot of PAX ready for the latest beat down. YHC wanted to log 2+ miles today so running was going to be a big part of today,

Mosey to lo were lot for COP- 25 SSH’s, 10 DQ’s, 10 cherry pickers, 10 helicopters, 10 copper head squats.

Mosey to track. 100’s. 100 of called exercise (first one there calls it and all PAX run) then run a lap wait for six. Exercises were Merkins, LBC’s, squats, SSH’s, shoulder taps, Wilson starfish, etc. I am pretty sure there were 2 more and we completed 8 laps (2 miles). Lunge up hill halfway then Bernie the rest. BTF for 1:30 of plank.

Plenty of mumble chatter today. Good to meet Opsy from the GREAT STATE of OHIO! OH…… Go Browns. Announcements put in comments… YHC took us out in prayer. Prayers to family and all suffering from Covid-19.


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  1. Agreed. Definitely pro level mumble chatter. Boberry – please share manufacturer and details of that polo shirt you were wearing. The combo of design and it’s ability easily wick away moisture was impressive.

  2. Nancy Lopez! Awesome Q brother. I think we revealed a few super powers today. Bullseye with double time SSHs and Shoulder Taps that sound like a gun going off. Rosetta and Doozy with speed to lap the field. Nancy with Merkins. Wilson with the elite level mumble chatter. FWIW it was an IZOD PerfomX polo. Delivering top level athletic performance in the gloom as well as the ability to out class you jabronies stylistically.

  3. Wedding Singer on

    Never forget 9/2/2020 – Wilson’s Starfish ab workout and Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.