Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Week 1 Fun


10 PAX came out to Heartbreak Ridge, some knowing what was in store – others forced along for the ride. We did:


Front of school and instructions given. No Proctor (Conspiracy was unavailable) and we set the timer and were off:

3 Burpees to start then 3 more Burpees Every Minute thereafter on the minute (EMOM). Exercises were:

  • 50 Hand Release Release merkins
  • 100 Leg Raises (Heels2Heaven)
  • 150 Jump Squat / Star Jumps
  • 200 WWIIs
  • 250 Lunges (single count)

Back to flag then Announcements & COT.

NMS: Well that sucked but PAX pounded it out. YHC was doing OK until we hit the 200 WWIIS which alone took 10+ minutes. Tater flew through and set the pace at just at 30 minutes. Rest of the PAX were clustered around 36-40 minutes. With no clipboarding allowed here in F3RVA (IronPAX actually suggested someone sit out and do this) it was you vs. you on form but as Gomer Pyle said most of the exercises don’t give you much option to cheat too much. Not sure if the 2nd part of the HRMs had a purpose but to annoy but hopefully no more of those. Worst part about all the counting and EMOM is no room for mumblechatter at all.

Hopefully Week 2 gets the pax moving somewhat but the 100+ Burpees along with everything else Week 1 was definitely a challenge.


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  1. Looks like the HBR times were a lot slower than SOJ this morning. Guess YHC’s demonstration of proper form on exercises was better…