Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour De TES


Twelve HIMs started off their work week with journey across the AO at this week’s edition of Hoedown. With only 75 seconds to spare to the start (source: Garmin), YHC needed a couple laps around the bus loop to shake off the cobwebs and collect any late additions. With 12 strong ready for battle, time to venture to the upper fields for COP.

Quick COP of DQs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, LBCs, Helicopters

The Thang

Exercise I – Triple Check

Pace Car runs down to the jungle gym, performs 5 pullups, runs back

other exercises are peoples chair and box cutters

algore for the six

Exercise II – Car Pool

OYO – bear crawl/crab walk the car pool line/loop, switch as each arrow, plankarama for the six

Exercise III – Catch Me if You Can

Mosey to the bottom of Lindsay Court, partner up.

runner: Bernie Sanders up

chaser: Merkins then chase

algore for the six

Exercise IV: Elevens

OYO – On the curb, mosey up the blacktop fence – 10 merkins

run back for 1 WWII; repeato until the inverse

ABCs for the six

Exercise V: Down the Line, People’s Chair

Going down the line, PAX stays in peoples chair, while the pace car Polar Bears to the shrubs by the stairs, Moseys back, rotate thru

Mary featuring flutter kicks, alabama prom dates, freddie mercuries and ring of fire (merkins).

Numberama, Namerama, YHC.

Gridiron Labor Day Convergence @ 7am. Coffeeteria and donations to follow.

Iron PAX tomorrow @ Heartbreak Ridge and No Toll (and maybe DaVille?)

Strong work today Fellas, Had to improvise after the elevens because y’all flew through them. Tried to cover as many areas of the AO as possible and appreciate the effort and mumble chatter. Strong way to end what’s been a incredible month.

Have a great day and SYITG!


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  1. Super solid Q today, Wojo. Nice to have you back, and congrats on the nuptials. Glad all went well.

    Nice to partner with Lockjaw and Handshake today. Strong work, fellas. Good to see LJ back at Hoedown. Nice chat with LJ, Fireman Ed, and Hutton afterwards.

    Thoughts and prayers for Bodo’s mom. That’s quite a household recently with floods, cursing, and wild dogs. Perhaps it’s time for a home safety assessment?