Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’m Back!!!


After months of avoiding any appearances in the gloom, yours truly decided to go back out and Q. It was nice to see 14 able bodied warriors descend upon the fashionable Westham west location. The workout went like this:

COP: 20 SSH, 10 DQs, 15 arm circles each way, 25 Freddie Mercuries

Exercise 1: Mosey to where Bodos holds his outdoor services. 4 corners: 10 burpees, 20 WWIIs, 30 2 count mountain climbers and 40 2 count flutter kicks

Mosey to another parking lot. Lunge about 200 feet. Curb bear crawl up to 6 merkins

Mosey back to school. Elevens with merkins on the bike rack or nearby with run to teacher’s parking lot and do WWIIs. 55 Merkins total. I nearly tripped checking out the nearby running group.

Mosey to nearby wall and partner up. Partner runs the horseshoe while other person does donkey kicks and then balls to the wall for the second loop.

Finished with SSHs led by Tryhard, DQs and cherry pickers (stretching is good when you are getting old).

Announcements: Iron Pax information should be on another backblast. I think that Twin Team will have the first installment led by Dr. Tryhard.

Campout (2nd F) to be held in Amelia County on 10/3. Registration should be on one of the backblasts.

The seasoned folks at Gridiron are discussing holding a convergence for Labor Day (9/7). More details or a vehement denial will be posted this week.

I enjoyed getting back in to the early morning workout. More to come.


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  1. Good to have you back. Strong move to sign up to Q on Day 1 – awesome, and good to chat.

    Nice to partner with DTH, and also good to catch up afterward.

    Splinter is viscous.

  2. It was good Q’ing you all. The Gridiron convergence is on for 9/7; details will be forthcoming.