Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shiplap will be getting a haircut


Seventeen strong braved the rain and fog and were pleased to find freshy cut grass across the AO, albeit not bagged.

COP: SSH, Russian Soldiers, Don Qs, Merkins, Arm Circles, LBCs, Scorpion Kicks. Mosey to end of street for:

Burpee Road: 2 Burpees at every light up & back. Then over to Carrillon field. Partner Up – Wheelbarrow across and back 2 times. Stay together for PLTs: 3 sets of 25 each.

Rusty Cage: 4 sets of – 6 Pull-ups & 10 Dips. Over to the bowl behind Amphitheater: 5 rounds of up & back with 10 upside down WWIIs and 15 Merkins on the side.

Amphitheater: 5 Box Jumps each step – all the way up. Finish with some time in the Honeymoon Suite to honor Wojo’s big day today.

Announcements: Hardywood’s Alpaca-palooza for today has been CANCELLED and will be rescheduled. Iron PAX will be Tuesday’s at all AOs except for Spider Run. So if you want soccer arms go to Spider Run, otherwise sign up for the next 4 Tuesday and particpate in the IronPAX challenge, see Boberry’s Pre-blast

NMS: A lot of sore pax from the 10k yesterday slowed or kept PAX out this am. Still 17 in the rain were ready to go, including Bone Thugs, aye! DTH double dipped, leaving at the Rusty Cage to go take the Q at Gridiron. Not sure that has been done before.

On the initial mosey Malpractice mentioned he had never attended a Honeydo Q before which doesn’t seem possible. Been a while since we did a Burpee road but the darkness at 6 is back.

The field for PLTs was good with all the newly cut grass as everyone was properly covered in grass clippings. At the Rusty Cage we were met with a Box Jump box at the bottom along with several huge boulders, like too big for Swirly to pick up….

Box Jumps seemed to take it out of everyone but spirits picked up when we earned our time in the Honeymoon Suite. YHC was hoping Wojo would post so he could have some last second practice.

Good times at ETs including at Circle K sighting.


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  1. Great Q Honey Do! Wish I could have push more but all this running is making me boot camp weak.

    Great to partner Shiplap today.

    Have a great weekend fellas and SYITG!