Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Track it up


5 men arrived for what they thought would be a typical F3 workout……

Warm up: mile jog, SSH, imperial walkers, dead man hang, stretching routine which was mostly stolen from my high school track coach who we may or may not have had fired due to a hazing tradition which dated back decades (another story for another time),

Form work: on the track for 60m of the following: A skip, B skip, high knees, karokae and a few striders.

The Thang: 4x400m w/ ~1min rest between, 4x200m w/ ~1min rest between. 200s were partner efforts for a 400m (2×200 relay style). Nancy Lopez was on pace for Michael Johnson’s gold medal run when he had to pull up for a hamstring injury. when back to full health, his sprinting will not be overlooked again.

next up, stairs, bleacher crawls, leg dips then mosey over to a wall. peoples chair ring of fire style with each man doing 10 squats while the PAX enjoyed the imaginary chair. Next up ascending testicles (10 merkins, 10 merkins w/feet on wall at 45deg angle, 20 sec of balls to the wall). Mosey back to the flag for 3min of mary (freddy mercury, LBC, pickle pounders).

Nice work men, i’ll be bringing some track flavor to my future Qs.


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