Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A cool morning at the Ridge


A lucky group of 8 men arrived to find a less humid and rather pleasant morning in the 60s at Heartbreak Ridge. Here’s what went down:

Mosey to the basketball court for COP

SSH, Russian Soldiers, Arm circles, LBCs, merkins, imperial walkers

Next, mosey to the track for 4 corners: 10 burpees 20 merkins 30 jump squats 40 monkey humpers.

Step over to the pull up bar for 3 sets of 8 with pax holding plank after 5 Merkins.  Switched to burpees between the sets, then to dips between the sets.

Why not rinse and repeat the 4 corners – 10 burpees 20 merkins 30 jump squats 40 monkey humpers.

Honeydo was looking longingly at the bleachers, so we stopped and did sets of 10, 20, 30 and 40 box kicks with SSH between the sets

Having stayed dry long enough, we ventured over to the Ridge for Dora – 100 SSH, 200 LBCs, 300 flutter kicks. The bottom of the Ridge was a bit swampy, but refreshing.

We moseyed back to the flag, with a little bear crawl and polar bear for good measure. Finally the Pax knocked out 44 SSH to honor YHC’s birthday (from last week). YHC took us out.

Bone Thugs 10k this Friday at RAMM. DTH has the 3rd F tonight.

It was a pleasure as always. See you in the gloom.


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  1. I meant benchkicks not box kicks. I highly recommend the “Howler descent” of Heartbreak Ridge.

  2. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Sorry to miss, I’m at the beach with the family this week. It looked like a great beatdown.

    Since when was Roger, Roger was spelled with a “d” haha