Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Sweat


Five Strong hit the streets early this morning in the gloom to make themselves better before their 6am naps. Here is what transpired:

Mosey over to the smallest Henrico County Park that exists for COP:

Helicopters and DQ’s

No stragglers, let’s roll to the UR Amphiteater

5 Incline Merkins on each step down

Lindsey: 30 LBC’s at bottom run up to top 10 Jump Squats run back down. 25/15 20/20 15/20 10/30

Flutter Kicks for the 6

Lt. Dan Box Jumps on each step going up

Round of 10 Pole Smokers per PAX member while rest of PAX hold 6 inches, 45 degrees or 90 degrees

Exit Amphitheater and head down trails to the lake and mosey over the bridge to the island.

11’s: Dips on benches/Decline Merkins on benches

Lunge walk back over the bridge and take trail and College Dr back up to River Road.

Make a pit stop at Saab’s for 25 Monkey Humpers and 25 APD’s

Mosey back to VSF

Numbers, Names, Announcements and we all took ourselves out with the Lord’s Prayer.


Way to work this morning men! Nice and warm at 5am. Thanks for changing things up and coming to First Watch this morning, Bodo’s! Always great to see the regulars Hutton, Last Call and Handshake. Don’t leave us hanging Honeydo, Splinter, Wojo, Lockjaw, Offshore 🙂




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  1. Glad to miss a Spider Run takeover of First Watch. Took day off to rest up for Bone Thugs VQ tomorrow.

  2. And I thought your all only ran around the parking lot…

    Ahhhh the Greek Theater. Who remembers seeing Awareness Art Ensemble there?

    Like the Roxy, but outside. I had a glimpse of AAE before i stared at a pile oaf mostly digested spaghetti while grooving to reggae. A fateful night for the M and yt.

    Gitty up.