Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Second Time Trying


38 of RVA’s finest and 2 visitors for F3 Hickory arrived on a humid Saturday morning to enjoy YHC second attempt at team rotation competition.

This how it went down

Slaughter Start – 10 Burpees OYO

Afterwards YHC called for a quick Numberama to get the group size and ask the PAX to split into 4 teams of about 6 to 7. (we started with 26 PAX)

Mosey to the stage with the coupon are kept

COP (Thanks Opus) – IKR, Crabcakes, Merkins, AST’s, Imperial Walkers


Coupon Beatdown Brewfast Comp

While Opus ran the COP, YHC took the team Captains behind the stage to give instructions on the locations of the stations and the exercises. Also gave out index cards in case they forgot the exercises.

Objective – Be the first team to complete all four stations with these simply rules: Must stay as a PAX an the Cinder Block Coupons (2 for each team), most go with them to each station

With that the PAX was off

Station #1 (Carillon Field) – With Coupons Run and Down the field 5 times completing 5 Merkins on each side

Station #2 (Triangle) – With the Coupons, Bear crawl first side, Run down the hill 2nd side, complete 25 WWII Sit-ups, Berine Sanders 3rd side

Station #3 (The Rusty Cage) – As a team completed the following: 100 Burp Ups, 100 Jerkins, 100 Dips

Station #4 (The Pipeline) – Triple Check (2 rounds only): Run the loop, LBC’s, Coupon Swings

When finished or at 6:55, return the stage, drop off the coupons and mosey back to the SF

Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out


Success! YHC attempt this workout back in November which was a fail. This was due to YHC placing the cards at the locations, spreading out to far, and being to dark. YHC learned and modified this time with amazing results

Congrats to Team Bone Thugs on the win and hope you enjoy the beer.

YHC didn’t get to hear all the stories but it seemed overall everyone enjoy it.

T-Claps to YHC teammates Choppa who beast mood that Coupon and Bodo’s with the fastest coupon bear crawl ever!




  1. Great workout Spit! Kudos to you for trying it again. Enjoyed getting to know some new guys in our little pax.

  2. Great work out concept and enjoyed some quality time with Upchuck, Opus, Handshake, Boberry and Shakedown(who brought the hair!). Those coupons kept getting in the way and added a nice challenge to an already tough routine. Cheers…CB