Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I like Mary


BB title is credited to Shiplap – first to show up this morning and said not gonna miss a Swirly Q and I like Mary – freaken beautiful !

9 strong posted got Mary and here is how it went down.

Warm up a little differently than usual.

Mossy to each tree on the field for an exercise – Bernie Saunders back to each tree for an exercise .

Pull ups – 5 while pax planks – 3 rounds

Chin ups 5 while pax does WWII’s and American Hammers two rounds

Triple Check L run the perimeter of the black top – exercises Cap Thor’s – squats

Polar bears across the black top

Curb crawl ladder – 1-7 and back down.

Announcements : Bone Thugs 10k Aug 21st !

BoDo’s took us out !

Ronnie showed off the engine in his new electric car that is basically a hopped up golf cart 🙂 Never seen a guy pop the engine on a hybrid and say look at this sucker 🙂 That thing does have some zip though be careful Ronnie !

Great work guys – thanks for allowing me to lead…


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  1. Hang on – there might be a wager to be paid based on the backblast.

    Did you say Shiplap arrived before Swirly?

  2. Great morning guys! Thanks Swirly for the good Q. Ronnie’s car demo was definitely a highlight of the day.

  3. Great Q Swirly. Glad all enjoyed the electric car – that baby can haul! Question – is it less manly than the Miata I drove last year? That’s one to ponder.

  4. That is a tough riddle Ronnie. On the one hand, your miata was much sportier, but on the other, your bolt is faster. I have a feeling that Swirly would claim neither of them is very manly. But who cares? You don’t buy gas anymore.

  5. Great Q Swirly! Way to bring it, That was a tough one. Might have to make it my next goal to beat you there one of these days haha