Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Butterfly workout, prison yard style


A Band of 7 warriors (and one pup) spent 45 minutes in the Prison Yard. This is what (vaguely) transpired.

COP – handful of the usual suspects

Four Corners – or really two corners, squared with a 1/2 run around the parking lot each time

Bear Crawl between spaces and 1 Merkin x 26 Parking Spaces (DTH pointed out it was essentially just a Polar Bears through the parking lot)

2 laps around the parking lot

Jump Squats x 5 x 26 spaces

1 lap around Parking Lot


Run Lap?

100 LBC’s

1 Burpee per parking spot x 26 spots

3 Sprints to pay homage to Last Calls’ Q to finish up.


  • Bone Thugs VQ next Thursday, August 13th at The Forge
  • Puppy Pile sometime soon?
  • Bone Thugs 10k at RAMM on Friday, August 21st (Bone Thugs launches at 0500 and everyone else will launch at 0515)
  • was there something else?

Prayer requests:

  • Doozy, as he gets over his Kidney Stone
  • Florence’s In-Laws battling lung cancer
  • Upchucks MIL with Lung Cancer as well


Its no secret that Handshake doesn’t Q often. But YHC was challenged by the regular First Watchers to lead a Q, so YHC obliged. YHC called this the Butterfly workout because there was just enough rhythm to assume what was coming next, but without truly knowing. Staying in the small parking lot was only slightly claustrophobic. It was good to see some different faces, and with the addition of Cooper this may have broken the First Watch attendance record.


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  1. Well done, Handshake! Glad to see some different faces at First Watch. Enjoy the day, men!

  2. Glad to join the annual Handshake Q – or maybe the winds are changing and we’ll see him Q more often? …or maybe those winds were just the Q passing perpetual gas during the workout, and thereby renaming the AO “Fart Watch”… 🙂

  3. Good Q, Handshake. The slight run almost to River Road had me thinking we might try a Breakout.

    Anyone else have a lower back / upper ass full of asphalt? If this keeps up, I’m going full yoga mat.

  4. I liked First Gas too. I dont often like your jokes, but when I do, I get a belly laugh.

    Major Gomer Pyle

  5. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    I’m glad y’all tolerated the randomness of it.

    There was a patch of grass for those who needed it.

    Next time should I do 5 burpees at each line?

  6. “Random” is expected from our better Qs. Some are so good you dont notice that their only prior planning is their clothing choices (black + black).

    For myself, playing fast and loose with traffic signal changes is just like any day in the west end – not just 0452 in the morning. But I really knew I was in The West End when I parked ( WE signature crooked parking to boot ) and then this pretentious pri , uh voice, came out of the gloom and told me to move my car.

    Then I realized that the voice from the gloom was the Q and, well, you just gotta follow instructions or there is no command structure and without command there is even more chaos.
    * Believe me I have seen worse – remind me to tell you all about by brother platoon leader when we were both cherries – Star Cluster was the cleanest nickname he picked up.

    I need a happy hour.

    Gitty up.