Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Squibber and Pancake take to the field


ULTIMATE frisbee morning at DaVille! A solid 6 v. 6 to make a very competitive and spirited game this morning.

Many good plays and many more almost good were had by young and old alike. The first 10 minutes were touch and go with the darkness, but we made it work once the sunlight got on us. Thanks to Opus for bringing a school bus full of kids out to make the numbers work.


See Greenbow if you want to go on a men’s retreat to Asheville.

Tentative plans to play some evening Ultimate for funs. Announcement to come on that.

Apology of the week (if that can still be a thing) goes to either Trout or Fabio for going low. Take solice in the fact that I have a pretty good rasberry on my knee.

Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. To note, since I didnt google what “squibber” actually was, it is a marginal hit in baseball that gets thru for a base hit…nothing to do with Ultimate. As Kevin Costner put so eloquently in Bull Durham, it’s “a dying quail…..a ground ball with eyes”. Even if it doesnt apply, its a good name and worthy to stick.

    Pancake is an ultimate term, and it’s when you catch the frisbee with a hand on top and bottom. Whomever came up with this one, kudos.

    Hope to see both young men out again soon.

  2. Thanks for running it up!

    Add me to the pax list for coming up with pancake! I was pretty sure it was a Ultimate term when i shouted it out ?