Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

For those about to ROCK ….


Two road weary, grizzled old men posted to Batteau this morning to turn it up to 11. Here’s how it sounded..

COP – mosey to the top of the stairs, then SSHs x 20, DQ x 10, IW x 20, Flutter Kicks x 20, APDs x 20,

Grab a rock* from the coupon pile for

The THANG – The Angus. Named for the sole remaining original member of AC DC and hero of parking-lot-smoking, Trans Am driving mulleteers everywhere. A senior citizen and still rocking it out. Basically an 11s with coupons and stairs and pain.

  • 10 x squat presses w/ coupon,
  • down stairs to gazebo,
  • 1 x 4 ct American Hammer w/ coupon
  • up stairs for 9 x squat presses, etc.

We made it to Round 5.

Limp to the flag for lunges and 2 MOM: WWIIs, Crunchy Frogs, APDs

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.

Announcements: Puppy Pile in August (16th?); Probation (V?)Q tomorrow at HBR. Triple H on Wednesday at 5:30 pm – Hills + HDHH @ Honeydos. See Slack and various preblasts for deets.

*YHC picked a rock. Dr. Try Hard got a ROCK. I’ll let him speak to the wisdom of his choice.

NMMS: Sh!t gets real when you’ve got a two man pax, a couple of stones to carry, and some steep-ass stairs. By Round 2, Try Hard and I were getting down to brass tacks about the things that matter most to most of us. Doing hard things together is a great way to start your week and your morning.


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  1. SO MUCH PAIN!!! You sneaky Q-thievin son of a motherless goat. Yes, word to the wise, if you know you’re signed up to Q and Doublemint shows up, plants his flag next to yours, and then beckons you to follow him into the Gloom – don’t do it! Only pain and misery await you… and deep conversations …and more pain. Also, I will never again pick a decent size coupon until I know what the Q has in mind. Legit – this is the only workout in two years I have wanted to tap out with tail between legs and crawl home early. Doublemint – you are a beast, and I love you man.