Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spiders Do As They Are Told


Twelve spiderlings +1 gathered in the gloom and waited for instructions for today’s run. After some brief awkwardness where no one spoke for about 90 seconds, instructions were given. Sweating commenced during instructions and may still be exuding from our pores. Absorbed all instructions then took off where we waved to one LIFO who did his own thing.

The Route

  • Head out Richmond Way towards River
  • Right on Westhampton Way to add a loop
  • Westhampton turned into Crenshaw and then intersected UR Drive after passing by the Alumni Center and Athletic Fields
  • Right on UR Drive
  • Left on River
  • Left into Batcave
  • Right on Ridgeway
  • Right on Fairway which turns into Robin & Iris
  • Briefly cross Three Chopt and left on Henri (aka the access road)
  • Take access road and then left across Three Chopt onto Campus
  • 4s take Campus then left on Gateway and back to the VSF
  • 5s continue on Campus to a left on College. Then left at the baseball field and finish with a 3/4 loop around the lake.
  • 6s continue down College then right through Fraternity row. Left on Hampshire, Baldwin to Westham, Left on Westham, Left on Beachwood, Right on Wood then meander back to the VSF via the baseball field

Numbers, names, Oyster showed up then YHC took us out.


Today is the day many of us found our limit. The soup was as thick as a bisque and the hills were plentiful. This route may be worth retrying in September.

Preliminary feedback on the route was positive (YHC thinks) and everyone followed directions (YHC assumes). As YHC was pulling into his (two) spots this morning he could hear the grumblings of one PAX member.

Here comes the instructions…

Crabtree, c. 2020

There was much commentary about last Friday’s RAMM and the effectiveness of the Q in capturing the spirit of the workout in the backblast. YHC can only assume the above sarcastic grumblings were due to ill-perceived expectation of some sort of retaliatory Q this AM. While it may have crossed the Q’s mind, it will have to wait for another day.

Great work today fellas. Until next week…




  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Love the new route – man ridgeway about killed me.
    Great job guys …
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. When I said I didn’t sleep well last night, it was out of fear of running intervals…

    What a treat to have a new route on such an oppressive morning. If it wasn’t for the conditions I may have actually enjoyed my run.

  3. Big Tennessee on

    Soupy for sure. Really like the route. Always good to have a downhill to the flag after those sneaky hills!