Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BJ and The Bear


Twelve incredible men showed up on what is planning on beign another Sunny & 72 day in RVA.

Here is how it went down. COP – changed up to a ring of fire style. Twenty of each called out exercise by the PAX. All in cadence. No repeatos. Second round ten of each exercise (speed round). In hind sight, second round wasn’t needed, but Fresh Prince decided to show up late so YHC felt obligated to include him! So many exercises to remember……..sorry Rosie. I do recommend the PAX to comment with their exercises they called out.

Short mosey to the far field for the BEAST! Inspired by Nancy Lopez and the Satan’s Hill Beast yesterday!

Welcome to the ALL BURPEE BEAST. Ok – so full disclosure before a comment pops up. I screwed up the deconstructed burpee in round two or maybe it was three. Anyway, I own the mistake, but hopefully it made us better. 4.5 rounds of a form of burpees was completed. Can’t say YHC’s form or counting was great or accurate. Looked sooo good on paper.

So YHC threw out an audible and inspired by Marmaduke and his finishes lately, we lined up and let it ALL out on the field to the start point. Seriously fast dudes in our PAX. Well done.

Wait….there’s more. Stop at the gate (screw it YHC is already over the time) for a line up and another all out sprint to the flag. Duke almost caught up to Fresh Prince. Almost. YHC took us out.

So your asking why the video of BJ and The Bear? Well, New Market has MANY issues, but we are pure at heart. We were chatting in clown car about Dukes of Hazzard (ok – so Marmaduke & Honeymoon watched reruns) and Nancy Lopez got all excited about a show called BJ and The Bear. Which apprently came on right after Dukes of Hazzard on ABC (seriously he knew the channel)! So enjoy the throw back intro to a show that has absolutely NO meaning. Seriously the guys best friend is a monkey named Bear and his name is BJ???? The 80’s were just different times for sure.


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  1. Great work today men. Thank you for entertaining me and hittingg it with all you had! Have a great day and try to stay cool!

  2. Great Q , Wilson. My legs are about done.

    My COP contributions were Alabama Prom Dates and Hello Dollies. Some personal favorites:

    Nancy L’s Don Quixote marathon
    Bone Thugs’ rapid fire scorpion kicks (i think I bruised my pelvis in three places)
    Duke’s legit pickle pounders
    Posh’s silent but deadly flutter kicks
    Rosie’s increasing tempo Freddy Mercuries (slo mo was a legburner)


  3. Solid Q. And I hate every part of that burpee fest. Way to keep your streak going Wilson. Double mint nice memory on the cop. Duke that sprint at end was inspiring.