Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sticky Hot


Eight of us came out in a sticky hot this morning. Here’s how it went out:


  • Mosey to the basketball court of the school
  • Deadman hang IC
  • Leg crossed stretch X10 IC
  • Helicopter x10 IC
  • DQ x10 IC
  • SSH x25 IC
  • LBC x15 IC
  • American Hammers x20 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Scorpion Kick X10 OYO

Exercise #1: Mosey to the end of the basketball court

  • Workout 11
  • Run to the fence, do merkin x10, x9, …, x1, run back to the starting point , and do SSH x1, x2, …, x10.

Exercise #2: Mosey to the triangle of the neighborhood down the school

  • Dora
  • While one partner runs around the triangle, the other partner do the following exercises
  • 100x Merkins, 200x SSH, 300x Jump Squart

Exercise #3: Mosey to the parking lot of the school

  • Lateral Plank Walks x1, x2, …, x10 on side of the partking lot, run to the other side, bernie saunders up the hill, touch the fence, and run back repeat

YHC took us out.

NMS – As Doozy said, it looks great on the paper. My elbow hurts a bit after the plank walks.

“Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problem fall into place of their own accord.”

J.I. Packer, ‘Knowing God’


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