Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Look at the planet


After star gazing for a while hoping the Q would show up Rounders, Yardsale and Trout ventured out on their own hot potatoe.

Yardsale lead the COP with arm circles, pushups and abs. Then Yardsale continued with 4 corners on the blacktop with heels to heaven, LBCs, dips, and squats, went around twice to make it 100 count.

Trout then took over with a triple check. One ran around the parking lot, one did split Jack’s and the other did windshield wipers.

Rounders then took over with ran over to the playground, did some rows, ran a lap, did some rows ran a lap. Then did hound and hair, let yardsale (hair) get a little headstart running back to the car then the hounds were released to chase him down…he almost survived..

Numbered out and rounders took us out to start the weekend.

Great to be back from vacation and seeing everyone this week..Trout


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