Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2 slay the beast


Two warriors arrived at Timberwolf to find themselves in a party of 2. Many had stated interest but only a few good men showed up.

Warmarama SSH, DQ’s, Cherry pickers, dead man hang, Helicopters, arm circles, Merkins, Dollies, Flutters, LBC’s.

Mosey to track for the Beast. You all know how that works so the exercises were Merkins, copperhead squats, WWII’s, Drydocks, Lunges, Last round was battery of 6 each flutters/dollies, Rosalita’s at each stop. 6 rounds complete mosey to light pole alley, mini style. 6 poles, 6 exercises, 20 reps on each end. Same exercises as the beast. Lunge back to flag. Time was called.

YHC thanks Wilson for posting today and motivating me to make today count. YHC thanks Wilson in general for introducing me to F3. Prayers to Honeymoon’s dad and his recovery and YHC’s mom for positive test results and a quick treatment plan. YHC took us out. Everything you give to others throughout the day comes back to you. Give out positive energy and create the world you live in.


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