Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Perfect Beast


Not quite 7 dudes showed up for a celebration of 7’s today.

Start with count by 7’s with your legs up to 77, then return back down to 7


COP — arm circles, DQ, hillbillies, Russian soliders, tempo merkins, ww2’s, wekins, flutterkicks, supermans, alternate oblique heel touches, pistol squats

Perfect beast — like the beast but more perfect
7 stops, 7 different exercises

  • mountain climbers
  • heels to heaven
  • AST’s
  • SSH
  • merkins
  • jump squats
  • and of course, BURPEES!

To the Wall
Line of Fire stump merkins 7 of them

5 DK’s — run to the sidewalk and back
5 DK’s — run to the road and back
10 DK’s — run to the sidewalk and back
10 DK’s — run to the road and back

the end.

Numbers, Names, Announcements

NMS — 7/7 was the perfect day for the perfect beast. It was such a great morning, one could almost forget the torrential humidity and oppressiveness in the air. The PAX rocked it this morning. Helix had great form as always. Fabio was crushing it (but he is 25 so there is that.) All ended up better than they started today. Enjoy the number 7 today. It is the perfect number.


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  1. Great Q, Opus. You one-upped the beast! It wouldn’t be an Opus Q without an exhausting COP and donkey kicks. No better way to start the day.