Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



9 stud muffins rose to greet the dawn of a new day. According to legend and the unemployed staff at the on demand hugging company “We’re Just Friends” it went a little something like this.

Long mosey to far side of the school

COP: SSH X 20, Lunge X 20, WWII X 15, FC X 15, AH X 15, AHAC X 15, 7 burpees OYO

20 & 06

Starting at the first of 7 light posts, complete alternating sets of 20 merkins and 6 of a prescribed exercise. Light 1 20 merkins, Light 2 6 squats, Light 3 20 wide grip merkins, Light 4 6 WWII, Light 5 20 shoulder tap merkins, Light 6 6 Lt. Dan, Light 7 20 HRM

Mosey to Giant Stairs

There are 7 stairs. Complete 14 count of a prescribed exercise on each stair. 4 rounds total.

#1 Box Jumps

#2 Dips

#3 V-Ups

#4 Incline Merkins

Mosey to well kept soccer field; shoes off for freedom loving Americans

Alternating jog and sprint as prescribed by The Q

Mosey back to flag

Numberama, namerama, DTH led us out.

Prayer requests: Please keep Alibis family in your thoughts and prayers.

Welcome Snots: Snot’s birthname is Eddie. He is cousin Eddie to Bone Thug. If we didn’t name him Snots then it was going to be Ruby Sue. Welcome Snots. Snots had not seen Bone Thuge in about a year. He was so impressed with Bone Thugs slender figure he asked if we gave him a tape worm.

News: July 4th Convergence at No Toll. 6am – 7am. DTH and YHC have the Co-Q. There will be teams, there will be fun, there will be competition. There will be no broken bones you bunch of old farts. Fact; if your July 4th injuries are related to hurting yourself at a workout for old guys instead of blowing off your hand with fireworks from South of The Border like a real American, then you will have to drive yourself to the ER.

**Updated: The following Sunday 7/12 there is a Puppy Pile at 7am at No Toll. Bring the little ones and show them their old man still has it. To be sure we can keep up the illusion, there WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO MOUNTAIN BIKING. Mountain biking has wreaked such havoc among the pax that the CDC is now requiring all F3 men to wear helmets at all times. This is a safe spot fellas, there will be no helmet shaming. Helmet up boys, we are in this together. #nogginstrong

There are whispers that the 2020 HR Derby is being negotiated for a possible date of Tuesday 7/7 on the fields behind Robius Middle School. Apparently Gumbo is trying to live out some fantasy in which he brings a childhood crush onto the field. Rumor has it that he had a HUGE crush on one of the cast members from League of The Own and as luck would have it an agent of hers is some how connected to him through some legal contacts. He said it was the hot one that made his pre-teen Gumbo pants go crazy, but would not give YHC any specifics until all the details were nailed down. Any way, YHC really hopes to finally meet Rosie ODonnell in person.

Moleskin: My oldest 2.0 turns 14 today. Some key numbers for the workout were 07 02 20 06 14. She is one of the best things that ever happened to my M and I. May I be wise enough to see the world through her eyes and a good steward of her gentle spirit. God bless our kids and the incredible patience they have with our flaws.


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  1. Great job today fellas. Way to push yourself!! Welcome Snots. Here’s to many more brotha and hope to see you back out at a workout soon. The title of the BB comes from the book I was reading when we picked our daughters name. My oldest 2.0 Annie aka YoYo turned 14 today.

    Make it a great one fellas!

  2. CORRECTION: We currently have the SOJ PuppyPile at Notoll down for next SUNDAY morning, 7/12, from 7-8am. BUT…should there be enough interest to move it to Saturday 7/11, this can be arranged… just lemme know.

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